Monday, June 21, 2010

EDIT (from yesterday) AND TREASURES

HMMMM ... don't know what the heck happened to my post from yesterday ... 1/2 the words were missing. Blogger was acting very weird and obviously I didn't save before posting. So - the missing part:

As a surveyor, my Dad often had the opportunity to stumble in, around and through old barns and such and oh, the treasures he found! The sewing basket was one. And of course the Button Hook collection. This is a camel saddle. I don't the story behind it or anything about it. I do know that it served as a footstool for many years when I was growing up. My mom wanted NO part of it in their retirement home in Florida (when they moved from RI) so ... it came to my house. It's been carted around the world with the Cute Husband and me for years. Next time we go to VT to visit my sister ... it's going with us - it's her turn now.

This treasure I've waited YEARS to call mine. All the St. John babies sat in this high chair. For as long as I can remember it's sat in the kitchen (or dining room) of my parents home. Mom even took it to Florida. And FINALLY ... it's in my house!
While I was in FL helping my mom move into a condo (and downsizing her "stuff"), the Cute Husband drove down from MD to pick this up and a few other treasures.
Other missing words from yesterday ... my Dad died last year (at the age of 91). I hold near and dear all the treasures he gave to me - the ones I hold in my hands and the ones I hold in my heart. Happy Father's Day.

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Donna Turner said...

That camel saddle looks SO uncomfortable for the camel!!! If it is made of leather, get some Neetsfoot oil and rub the oil into the leather. You'll be surprised at how much better it looks. Likewise, you can rub Tung oil or Linseed oil into the wood, and it will soak it up like a thirsty ----- camel!!! LOLOLOLOL