Friday, April 16, 2010


It's FRIDAY FINISH time ... and I didn't finish anything! In fact, I didn't sew anything this week. Nothing - not one stitch. I did a little gardening and cut and fused this little bit of fruit and filled out LOTS of paperwork to buy a condo (that's a whole 'nother post!). I can't even finish this quilt. I have NO fabric for a border. Hard to believe I've got nothing that will work. BUT - I can always buy something!!

I am heading out (in 1 hour) on a weekend quilt retreat and this is what I'm bringing to work on. Way too much but I WILL have finishes for next week, for sure, and maybe even a condo picture. Just looked at this photo ... I actually added 3 more projects to this already-too-full bin after I took the picture.

What is all this? This is the stuff that's NOT going on the retreat with me. It's just a small taste of even more projects started. My dear friend Donna, who's a doctor and a longarmed Diva has diagnosed me ... ok ... that was way too many "D's". She says it's ADD, but I really do think it's simply TMP. At least my "starts" make a nice artistic arrangement in their various containers.

I do have lots of starts but I do finish stuff ... honest. Ever since I started participating in Amy's Sew and Tell, I've been "sew motiviated" to get it done. I've got proof ... here and here and here. Wait until you see NEXT week's Friday Finish!

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