Sunday, January 24, 2010

Just because

I do really love my sisters, both younger and each very different from each other and from me (thank God!). This is my sister (Goofy 2) getting ready to head into the great white outdoors of Vermont. She lives in Florida. We were visiting Goofy 1 (the other sister) for Christmas. Don't you think she looks like the Uni-bomber?

These are the first 2 quilting books I ever purchased. I could never get rid of them! They're old and well-loved. I made my first quilt in 1975 (man, I'm old). Back in the day ... we drew pattern templates on cardboard - often cereal boxes, and then traced them onto the fabric. It was tedious. I read someone's blog that said somethink like - it's almost better when you don't know just how much you don't know, otherwise you might not attemp it. I actually made several quilts before ever taking a class. I encourage people all the time to take classes and still do myself. It still surprises me how much there is to learn and how much inspiration can from other quilters.
Thank God the rotary cutter was invented! Someday I'll post about my first experience with THAT piece of equipment ... it wasn't pretty.

This last picture is part of a block swap I'm doing with my buddies, Starlyn and Dawn (Spring Water Designs). The block is called Buffalo Ridge from the book Nickel Quilts. We only have one more round to swap. Soon - a wonderful mostly plaid quilt. We've been doing some shop hopping when we get together to swap blocks. It's really been fun exploring shops that are a little out of my normal travel area and especially fun doing it with 2 friends.

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Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Mary I too started quilting before all of the wonderful new tools became available. When I took a class in 1985 the teacher showed us this "new" tool called the Rotary cutter. We all laughed and said how can that take the place of scissors! Boy am I glad that it did! And how the quilting industry has grown over the years is incredible. I love my new tools, and all of the wonderful books that feed creativity.