Thursday, May 13, 2021

More Starts and a DONE


The Cutest Grandie evah, is spending a few days with us. There will be time for a bit of creating but mostly I'll be watching Elmo, swimming in the pool and maybe some Play Doh. Amelia does love her Gramps.

I started a new quilt project and of course it going to be with leftover bits. I have a lot of red/neutral HSTs. They are sorted (on paper plates - great organizer tip) and ready to square-up. Not exactly sure where this is headed. Time will tell.


And, because I finished a knitting project, I had to start another. Yes, I do have 2 baby sweaters that each need 1 more sleeve but ... this yarn is so pretty and it just could not wait. The yarn is all from Olive & Two Ewe. It was part of their Dye Live Plus Club. All this yarn was naturally dyed with cabbage and avocado pits and dried flowers. While I do love this whole combo, acid dyed yarn is much brighter and I believe much easier to work. 

This is my finished knitting project ... Andrea Mowry's Comfort Fade Cardi. It's the 2nd time I've made this pattern. Again - the sleeves are a bit long but have lovely cuffs that turn up nicely. It is WAY to hot here now to wear it but it's ready to go for next year's 2 months of cold weather. Hopefully, there will be some travel happening this year so I might actually get it wear it in 2021.

Off to get busy on my chores. Amelia is at school for a bit and this Grammy has things to do.

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