Friday, May 7, 2021

It's May

 I'm getting stuff DONE! 

I've often been asked ... how do you get so much done?! There's a secret to my productivity. It's called multi-tasking. Some people feel like too many irons in the fire is distracting and nothing gets finished. I feel like working a bit on many things is the way to go. Suddenly - I have finishes!

Friday mornings, I'm typically sitting in a coffee shop (drinking iced tea) with knitting friends. This is when I work on socks. Social knitting requires an easy, no-nonsense pattern.

Early morning coffee time is when I do some hand stitching. Sometimes, later afternoon is also good. This project is coming along quite nicely.

Evening TV time is for more complicated knitting. This is a baby sweater that got started while I await yarn for a sweater for me (I ran out of 1 color and had to order more.) There's also a shawl that I work on (in-between). Oh, and that other baby sweater that still needs a sleeve. Thankfully, we watch a lot of evening TV.

Daytime work is for sewing and quilting. I have multiple quilts going at the same time depending on the mood. My Strip Tease is pieced and quilted, just needs binding.

I try to take my own advice - load up a quilt on the longarm when I'm finished sewing for the day. Then in the morning, I'm more likely to get it quilted if it's there and ready to go.

I started writing this post early Friday morning. It's now Friday afternoon and I'm about to put binding on BOTH!

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