Friday, April 30, 2021

A Knitting Kind of Day

 When I'm not sewing, I'm usually knitting. I call myself a "quilter who knits." Sometimes I feel like a "knitter who quilts" but really - it's simply FIBER FIRST ... whatever form the fiber takes.

Today, I met up with some knitting buddies. We usually (often, sometimes) get together at a coffee shop in town and knit and chatter on Friday mornings. Today, I worked on a Cranky Sock and went really off the rails and had iced tea.

Sometimes the sewing is a remake. When the weather got too warm for long sleeves but Amelia (best Grandie, evah) still wanted to wear her giraffe dress ... Grammy to the rescue.

I wasn't too sure if it would work, but she would certainly have outgrown it by next winter so what the heck ... I gave it a try and it worked! She'll get several more months of wear out of this dress - and it has pockets!

We are well on our way into the warm weather here in FL. The later afternoons are still quite lovely - not too hot, the perfect kind of sunny and breezy. That gardenia bush is so fragrant and is now firmly planted in the ground, thanks to My Cute Husband. It's my current best place to sit and knit before dinner.

For any local readers, M&M (Mary and Marjorie) are teaching a class.
What the heck do you do with lots of blocks, orphans, different sized, parts and pieces?
We're going to show you some tips and tricks on putting it all together into a top that works.

I have Peopled SO much week. There's been very little sewing going on. I will make up for it this weekend.
I have a plan and a list!

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