Monday, April 19, 2021

Rainy Days and Mondays

 When I opened up Blogger to start writing it made me laugh ... the other day my post title was "Rainy Day". We've had beautiful sunny days since then until today when it's another RAINY day. It really is just a coincidence.

What's been going on? This and that and the other thing. 

I got some pretty thread in the mail. Red Thread Studio has lots of pretties on their site. I'm doing some stitching on a super secret project AND I'm stitching a sample for a demo I volunteered to show for a new group - Plays With Needles. We meet monthly for WOOL WORK!!!

Amelia and I went for a walk and she discovered her shadow. She wasn't too sure about it. Of course - it was adorable!

A practice sample block for a new quilt challenge on M&M Sew Charming. There will be lots more with a slight change in fabric color placement. This goes live on Facebook Tuesday morning (4/20)

The Cranes are out in force. They have no fear and cause no trouble. They just wander the neighborhood. This guy was solo. Often a whole family is out walking around.

I have a plan to use these in my newest quilt project. It's always a good thing when an idea works. It's also great when I am validated in WHY I save all these little bits.

Just a little girl, hanging out with her Grammy. She wearing a party hat for no other reason than it's just fun. We should all take a lesson from a 2 year old who has perfect fashion sense.

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