Monday, April 5, 2021

April's Surprise

The M&M Sew Charming Facebook group is at 447 members! We are quickly approaching 450. That's a milestone we want to acknowledge. In our typical ... Go With The Flow ... fashion, we're releasing a new challenge today! Why wait for 450, when we know we'll be there soon. Marjorie designed the block and I made the quilt.

Every quilt I make is my favorite - well, almost every quilt.
 This one really is my favorite - today!

After the cutting, which took a few minutes, the sewing was really easy and really fast. There were just a few component parts and then I built 4 blocks and a little bit of sashing

A few design options ...
1. if you put star points on all of the rectangles, you could easily extend the Friendship Star into the border. I didn't think about that until mine was all stitched. I did not have enough of that darker fabric. 

2. I left off the star points on all the outer background rectangles (see #1 - next time I make this quilt, I'll extend the Stars into the border.

3. I used the cut-off triangles from the Friendship Star blocks to make little ones and used them in the border.

Monday afternoon, the directions for this quilt will be loaded and available on the M&M group. Just look under "files." I made my quilt to measure 38" x 38". A very pretty spring table-topper for my dining room table OR - it might lay across the back of my couch OR - diagonally across the bed in the guest room OR - hanging on the wall in the hall bathroom. Lots of options.

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