Thursday, June 6, 2019

Churn Dash

Hello June!

A long time ago - maybe 2 years (?), I wanted to make a quilt with various sizes of the Churn Dash block. It's a classic, traditional Quilt block.

I love a good Churn Dash block!

I also love a good scrappy fabric quilt.
Sew - the best way to combine these 2 loves …


My Just-Sew Bee mates joined me and we swapped lot of blocks, in 3 different sizes.
It took awhile but I finally received all my swaps.
of course
the blocks needed to sit and ferment for months.


I have put the blocks up on the design wall and have started making a plan.
In fact, I have actually started sewing the blocks together,
while adjusting my plan.

Stay tuned for the continuing adventure of
The Churn Dash Quilt.

In the meantime ...
I have continued to stay current (up through yesterday) on the
365 Challenge.
I even started stitching the center of the quilt together.
It's looking great!

And ...
of course, there's knitting.
There's always knitting.

This is a short sleeved (summer?) sweater that just might be finished before summer is over.
That's not until September but really I hope to get it done before mid-July.

I have NO outside commitments.
I am not babysitting the perfect Grandie.
I'm sewing on my Churn Dash quilt.

making today's 365 Challenge block.

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