Saturday, February 2, 2019

All The Things

Hello February! Just a short time ago, I mentioned that I was finally ready to start 2019 and BAM … January is gone and today is Ground Hog's Day.  This past week has been the best and most unproductive week that I've had in a long long time. 

All the things that did NOT get done - and there are plenty - will get done, in time.  Due to a sudden and unexpected need to be elsewhere for work, SIL#2 (and Kid#2) were in a pickle about what to do for childcare.  

Hello Grammie!

I had forgotten just how much time can be consumed when caring for a 3 month old (in 3 more days). The early morning just woke up snuggles, the feeding, changing, playing, before nap snuggles, the walking, reading stories, singing songs, after nap snuggles … it takes a LOT of time. 

And is sooooo worth it. We had a lovely 4 days. Amelia arrived promptly at 7 am, usually still asleep. She is such a happy baby and loves to be snuggled.

But …

She doesn't really care much for sewing and knitting. She tolerated hanging out in her stroller for a few minutes, here and there while I wound yarn and stitched up a few little "365 blocks". 

All the things that did not get done - like binding my Flower Garden quilt, finishing the front of my Tegna sweater, making some 4-patch swap blocks, working on a new shawl (test knit for @Swordofaknitter) …

You know what?

All the things are still there waiting patiently for me. Today, Saturday, My Cute Husband is off to MD to visit Kid#1 and go to watch his Capitals play hockey (GO CAPS!!). The quilt is waiting for a hand-stitched binding, the Grocery Girls podcast is still there on my tablet, the shawl is started, I managed to finish the January 365 blocks and there is coffee.

I miss those the drooly snuggles but today … there's a list and something will get a check mark.

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