Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Ninja Knitting

I'm a self-proclaimed, "Quilter who knits." As such … I knit a lot, whenever I'm not quilting (sewing) I'm usually knitting. Knitting is good for you - it's social (I'm in a knit group), it's lo-cal (you can't eat when knitting), it's generous (if you are knit-worthy), there's even research that says knitting is good for your mental health. So … I knit.

I recently started a new pair of "social knitting socks." They are an easily executed pattern that I can do while visiting and chatting with my knit book, waiting at appointments, in the car, etc.

I got so involved in these socks that I inadvertently stitched the pattern on the top of the foot (normal) AND the bottom of the foot (not normal).

Most times, you would not want to walk on an uneven stitch pattern. So … now what? I had 2 options - rip the whole thing out and start over … OR …

Cut off the toe …

I have never done anything like this before, but I was brave and simply

Then I picked about a lot of yarn bits, picked up the live stitches (this took several attempts), and knit a cuff in a contrasting color.  The contrast color will be for the heel and (new) toe, too.

The Ninja Knitting took exactly the same amount of time as a hockey game - just long enough for the CAPS to lose (insert sad face.) And now, my social knitting sock is ready to go … what was the foot is now the leg and I'm ready to knit a heel (and foot).

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