Tuesday, November 6, 2018

November 6

Happy Birthday

In other news …

We have a new baby in the family!

 I have a friend who seems to think that HER grandie is the most perfect child in the whole world.

She used to be right.

Amelia Grace came into the world at 4:13 am on Nov. 5.
She's a big girl - 9.8 lbs, 21" 
She's perfect!

No photos yet. The parents are still savoring this whole experience.
There have been LOTS of cuddles!

And then there's this …

The perfect pressing table

Besides the fact that it needed to be recovered. I happened to have this iron caddy, made at another retreat years ago.
The iron leaked and the dye ran.
I didn't really care … it carries an iron, occasionally.
It's not like it carried the perfect grandbaby.

It simply no longer had an place in my sewing life.
It was too big for my travel iron.
It had Insulbrite inside.

SEW … I cut it apart, and reused it as part of the cover on the Perfect Pressing Table.

I am ... s l o w l y … giving up, using up, paring down and throwing out what no longer brings me JOY.

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Loretto said...

Congratulations on the new grandbaby.