Friday, April 6, 2018

Oh Dear ... A New Start

STARTITIS has struck!  

In all fairness - I really needed a new project (or 2).

Not only do I need 2 baby quilts this year, I also am going to need 2 high school graduation quilts - in a year.  Sew - I decided to get started on those.

This is what happened ...

While cruising around on Pinterest, I found this really fun BOM. As the year-long project is now over, the pattern is available to purchase. 
And I did.

Look how fun this is going to be!

My plan is to stick to a BOM-style of stitching.  My Applique group has thrown down a challenge for this year (April '18 - April -20).

I need to make 2 graduation quilts, I need a challenge and I have a year.
I've got this!

First "Chapter" is actually 7 blocks. (x2).
I've gotten a good start.

And, yes ...
I'm still working on the final border of my giant Flower Garden quilt.

AND ... having nothing to do with quilting (or even knitting), in case you were wondering...We got a new roof on our house! We've been waiting since November - after Hurricane Irma. The whole project took 2 days - that's all - just 2 days.  Those guys were work-horses. 12 hour days and the job got done.

But ... this is what My Cute Husband found laying on top on the dumpster.  He figures there's lots more IN the dumpster but he wasn't going looking.

I don't know much (anything!) about roofing, except that it costs a lot. You would think they might take a little more effort in conserving their resources. These are perfectly good nails. We do not happen to own a nail gun but still ... why throw them away in the dumpster?

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WoolenSails said...

That is going to be a fun quilt to do. I need a new cutter, I got one when I had coupons and they forgot to put it with my order when I checked out, so waiting for another sale.