Thursday, April 12, 2018

A New Kind of STASH

I don't buy a lot of fabric ... any more.  I have a LOT of fabric.  In fact today, I needed 6 yards for a backing and - bang - there it was, just sitting on my shelf.  I've been "saving" it for at least 5 years, probably more like 8 or maybe even 10.

I'll show you the fabric and the now finished quilt another time.

Today ... I'm sharing my lovely mail day!  I made a sweater and love it.  Now I want to make it again, it's that great.

So ... I ordered some yarn and it came today.

I'm going to do a "fade" style color way. This yarn is so soft and squishy. It's wool, cashmere and silk.

Also in the mail today was this ...

Also, very lovely and for the same sweater. No, I'm not making a 3rd one.  I forgot I had ordered it but have another sweater in mind.

But ...

My knitter friend, Cindy, mentioned she had this ...

It would be great for "that other sweater". It came home with me last night from our sit 'n knit group. 
Now ... what to do?

Sweaters take me a long time to knit and I keep acquiring yarn.
More and more yarn!

AND ... I have a scary amount of sock yarn.  What socks am I working on right now? Well, they're made from lots of leftover bits.  Even knitting uses up scraps.

Isn't this just so pretty?

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