Friday, March 30, 2018

New Machine Sewing

Before I show you what I made ...

Public Service Announcement

Be very careful - if you go into your sewing room "for just a second"
you will likely still be in there
in your jammies
at noon.

Your welcome!

Ok, then ...

Last night I decided it was time to conquer (sort of) the new Bernie. After several failed attempts, reading the manual AND a text that may have contained some strong language to my friend Carrie - I still could NOT figure out the bobbin.  It's very different and larger (good and bad things) than any other sewing machine I've ever sewn on.

She called me! That's what friends do.

And, talked me through it. Using words like the "flat thingy" and the "sticking out part", I managed to get my bobbin threaded and inserted. Thankfully, it's a much bigger-than-normal bobbin so I should get to sew a lot before I have to that again.

I made Kid#1 a bag. When your kid requests a hand-made item, you sure better make one.

She wanted a messenger-style bag to carry her iPad and other assorted "mom-of-4-kids" stuff.  I even sewed on the decorative snaps ON THE NEW MACHINE.

I am planning to re-set up my old trusty Bernie for a few days.  I need a straight-stitch plate for the fabulous new machine, in order to accomplish easier little piecing. The new stitch plate is on order.

I am almost ready to say ... I love my new machine.

PS - Messenger bag is a free Craftsy pattern called The Kennedy Bag. Great picture tutorial.

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Unknown said...

Between you talking about your new Bernina and someone I follow on Instagram also getting a new Bernina....I have felt compelled to pull out my OLD Bernina (640) and set it back up. Seriously - the case has been sitting in a closet for TEN YEARS! It went in for service and I set up my little Janome Jem and it was so simple to use I never got back on the's like having a new sewing machine now. Cathe