Sunday, March 25, 2018

Light Bulb Moment

It occurred to me this morning, while I was puttering around in my sewing room ...

I'm avoiding my new sewing machine.

It wasn't intentional - I don't think - but on some level, I think I'm intimidated about getting to know her.  Before I packed up my old trusty Bernie 1090 ... I made a bag.

It's a really cute bag for a knitter friend's birthday.  It even has purse jewelry!

and it has fun words ... "licensed to carry needles"

Mary Ann's birthday party was yesterday. She loved the project bag.

See what I did there? I'm even avoiding talking about the new machine.  I have kept busy - cleaning bathrooms (we have 3) and mopping floors and knitting.
I finished the knitting part and blocked a sweater.

I've started an afghan and prepped some stuff to take to a quilt retreat ... I'm leaving in 3+ weeks. I prepped some more parts of an applique border and a wool project (hand work is important).

I ironed and thought about how I'm going to quilt this panel.

But I can't quilt it until I stitch a back for it.


Tomorrow, I pledge to turn on my new machine and sew!

She's still sitting, exactly where I left her last Monday.  
A week?
It's been a week?


I swear.

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