Tuesday, February 20, 2018

That Is The POINT

A new quilt is DONE!

and it's made from Christmas fabric!

A member of my quilt circle did a demo on this last week. I started with 96 squares. I choose to use 6" squares because I cut a bunch of Christmas fabric into 6" squares.

Here's a picture of the directions and the web site info.  I don't know for sure but I was told, it's free so I'm sharing it here. 

There's cutting magic to make the whole quilt "on point" without setting triangles!

and it's quilted! It's busy fabric, a single block design and will probably (hopefully?) get used and abused during the holiday season.  I quilted it with a simple meander and the occasional holly leaves.

and it's bound and labeled!

and it was all done with scraps (except for the batting.)

Hurray for a quilt finish! Double Hurray for a Christmas gift finish! Triple Hurray for a scrap-busting finish!

1 comment:

Quilting Nan said...

That looks like Contra Dance. I did a Demo at The Southern Comforters Show a few years or more ago. I enjoyed the technique, I still have one UFO top that needs to be quilted. I enjoy your blog you always inspire me.