Monday, February 5, 2018

More Prep

Sometimes I feel like machine sewing, sometimes I feel like hand sewing, sometimes - knitting, sometimes - quilting.  THAT is why I have to have multiple projects.

This is my latest quilting project.  I don't "quilt for others" any more ... except for when I "quilt for others."  This is Patty's quilt, in honor of her sister, Cathy, who died from Ovarian Cancer.  I do love these colors.

These little circles are how I deal with bits of leftover wool.  I try and cut them immediately after cutting out a pattern piece. The pile grows surprisingly quick and I always have plenty to add in to whatever project I'm working on.  You never know when a couple of little wool "pennies" might need to be added to a project.

FREE pattern (BOM)!!
Join - The Little Red Hen's Wooly Mysteries facebook page.  On the 15th of each month she will reveal another block to download.

2018: Curiosity Quilted the Cat!

My January block is ready for stitching.

Another FREE 2018 BOM I'm working on is from Buttermilk Basin.  Go to her web site (not her blog). Click the tab for "Mystery BOM". The new pattern goes live on the 2nd Friday of the month and remains available for a month, until the next one is released.  You can always go and buy the previous month.  You can buy patterns for previous years too.

Nothing is being stitched on the sewing machine right now.  Next up will be some 8" string blocks to add to the ones on my design wall.

AND ... more little Churn Dash blocks.  I only need to make 10 more to hit my goal of 60 by March 1st. 

Probably not news to anyone ... the Patriot's played a good game but #6 wasn't happening this year.  Mom is philosophical about it and has says, "there's always next year!"

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