Thursday, December 7, 2017


Today ... The Chubby Charmer! Thank you to Terri for inspiring me to make this. Thank you to Susie for inspiring me to make it as a Christmas gift for one of "my girls." I think she made 4 and Terri made several too.

I made ONE.

But I had a blast ... back in my sewing/quilting rooms - Yes, they are separate rooms. It was great to sit and sew and listen to music and commune with my fabric.

I sort of followed the pattern, mostly. 

I did not quilt on my domestic machine. I did need backing (which will never be seen by anyone - ever) because, of course, I quilted on my Handiquilter.

I swear this fabric is never going away.  I have used in for "invisible" backing on several things and I still have a little bit left.

"invisible" backing ... fabric that you have no idea of it's origin, for a quilted bag that will be lined with something way nicer.

All quilted ready to be trimmed ... then turned into a bag.

Here she is ... one completed Chubby Charmer!

This is a gift for Christmas. 
Check that off my list!!


Pat said...

I made one of those once. I swear it took me longer to make that than any of the quilts I'd made up to that point. I guess I've made a few since that took longer but I'm not eager to tackle one of those bags again anytime soon! Yours is really cute.

Loretto said...

Love the Chubby and it looks really good with the "Snowman"

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