Monday, November 20, 2017

Quilter's Math

Time and Space and Measurements and Figures ... it all adds up ... pun intended.

Last month a box arrived on my door step from my VA friend - Shannon. The box was filled with t-shirts (Harley motorcycle shirts) and a note that said, "send the bill to Jeff, it's my Christmas gift."  Christmas was still a long way off.

Until it suddenly was NOT a long way off.

So ... I had to figure out my time ... do I have enough time to get this done before Thanksgiving? Probably - except that OUR Thanksgiving is being celebrated on Tuesday (due to work, travel, family stuff).

In between doctor and dentist appointments, haircuts, 2nd grade volunteer work and other miscellaneous everyday life stuff ... I cut and stabilized t-shirt parts.

And I made binding - hoping I had enough fabric.
I did have enough, with 27" to spare.

Here's some GREAT quilter's math for you ... 5 yards of motorcycle batik for 6 DOLLARS!!
YES, ... $6.00!!!
I have no idea where this fabric came from, it was on my shelf.

It's a little washed out looking here but it is perfect.  I had enough for the border AND the backing.

More time figuring ...
Can I quilt this while pies are baking?
Yes, I can!

The Upside Down Caramel Apple Pie looks so YUMMY. I have not taken a photo and there may be a little chunk missing before dinner tomorrow afternoon ... I'm trying to remain strong.

2 pies made and a finished quilt.
I am awesome!

I LOVE how this t-shirt quilt turned out.  My Cute Husband will take it to the Post Office tomorrow morning before my sister (and family) arrive for our Tuesday-Thanksgiving.

check this off the list


Loretto said...

It is beautiful as always. Would love the recipe for the pie if you are willing to share. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Pat said...

Oh, my, you ARE awesome!