Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Gyleen Fitzgerald has a new pattern/class that she has offered online as a QAL (Quilt Along).  Each week a new part (clue?) is released.  It's not a mystery ... we know what the quilt will look like when it's finished. At least we know what HER quilt looks like.

And yes ... I have to make this quilt. 

This is the fabric that probably won't make the cut.

This is the fabric I have been auditioning.

These are the 3 rulers that are needed to make this quilt.

This is what I cut and should NOT have cut.
Reading the directions really helps!

This is part of what I should have cut (and did!).

And this?

This is what is all done and waiting for the next step ... to start stitching.

This quilt is made of large triangles, made up of polygons.  The math is already done. The end result will be fabulous ... I hope ...

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