Friday, October 13, 2017

4 Purls

In our family we cheer for the Washington Capitals Hockey Team.  We have hockey jerseys and hockey license plate frames and hockey bobbleheads. When the CAPS come to Florida - we go to the games.  The Capitals came to Tampa and we went.  It's 2.5 hours to the other coast and there are 2 yarn shops on the way (sort of). Roxy's Yarn is in Tampa but closed on Mondays

4 Purls is in Winter Haven and open on Mondays!  It's a mere 15 minutes off the highway and a great shop.  LOTS of yarn, very friendly people (it IS Florida) and I'm so glad My Cute Husband is always up for a yarn (or quilt) shop stop.

We spent about a 1/2 hour in the shop.  Steve visited with the man who owns the shop (with his wife) about hockey.  The shop owner is a Red Wings fan but we liked him anyway.

I shopped.

Probably won't get done any time soon but this will be a really pretty Autumnal scarf - light weight ... it IS Florida.

Of course there was a sock yarn purchase ... on sale!

Best of all ... something unique to 4 Purls ...

Emma is 16 and has her own line of hand-dyed fingering weight yarns.  She is 1 of the "4 Purls" - kids of the shop owners. We not only supported a small business, we supported a smaller part of the small business.

When he's not in the shop, the owner guy (I do wish I remembered his name) travels around in the Yarn Truck.  It's sort of a bookmobile for knitters.

Car travel is great for knitting.  I'm ready to work on shoulders and sleeves.  This sweater might actually be done in time to wear to MD next month.

Yes, I am ...
a Quilter who Knits!

PS ... the CAPS lost in overtime.

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Loretto said...

Maybe they will win tonight. Go Caps