Saturday, September 9, 2017


Today, while waiting in my boarded up house, I wander into my sewing room and spotted this ...

Inside the box ...

I prepped a little a couple of parts, stashed the pattern and zippers and they've been in this box at least 5 years ... probably longer.

Today, instead of working on my IRMA prepped stuff, I'm going to make bags.  The pattern says: Humbug Bag.  I think I'll call them IRMA Bags.

8 bags - DONE!

Aren't they just sew cute.

I believe I will donate these to my Florida guild - Seaside PieceMakers.  They will be sold at our "Boutique" at the quilt show in March. The box is now empty, waiting for a new project.

As for IRMA the hurricane?  Not everyone is stressed.

Harleigh is relieved that we are not taking a direct hit. The Space Coast will be spared the huge impact of Irma.  We will have wind and rain but it looks like we dodged a bullet.  

Southern Florida and the Gulf Coast are still in danger. 


Pat said...

Yeah, I like those little bags. I made a couple about two years ago. Should do some more. I used very directional/themed fabric and they were difficult. Using different fabric would make a big difference. This was one of the succesful ones but I had dogs standing on their heads before I figured it out.

WoolenSails said...

Those are beautiful little bags and a nice way to keep busy, while waiting for the storm.
I hope you faired well during the storm.