Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Knitters

Last year, within a month of moving here (from MD), I was befriended and welcomed into a group of women who share a love of knitting. I have since also joined a couple of quilting groups, but "the knitters" were my first friends here in Florida. I have learned knitters share a lot of traits with quilters.  Knitters go on shop hops, they have a stash, they share tips and techniques and advise. Knitters do community service and drink beer (except for me - water is my only drink of choice ... well, coffee too.). Something quilts don't usually do ... Knitters knit in public.

We also make yarn bowls in public. Last week, we met up at a "Paint Your Own" shop and snacked and chatted.

and painted yarn bowls...

All lined up and ready for the kiln.

Tomorrow night, when we meet up at Barnes and Noble for our Wednesday night knit, Melissa will be delivering our bowls.  Can't wait to see them. 

PS ... the "Beer Drinking Group with a Knitting Problem"


MK Kerr said...

Good to have friends who do the things you like to do.

Loretto said...

Love the name of your group. Nothing wrong with a drink here and there, not always good when quilting and using a rotary cutter.