Sunday, July 30, 2017

While Catching Up

Friday was my "catch up" day. I didn't go to my quilt group. Having spent the last 3 full days with my quilt group (enjoying every minute of it), I needed a day at home ... to quilt (?).  That wasn't really my intention but ...

In cleaning up my happy place - why do I type those words ALL the time? Anyway, again, I was tiding up and came across some parts to my Bonnie Hunter mystery 2016. This quilt is on the frame and slowly getting quilted so these really are "extras."

I pieced them together into a large placemat, quilted it and put the binding on.  Sort of ...  Don't you just HATE it when this happens? And in my "use it up mode", searching all sorts of bins and boxes, I could mot find 1" more of this binding fabric.

I did find ONE little square of something really close.  It's a little more blue than gray but I used it. I'm counting on my dear blog friends to reassure me ... it's hardly noticeable, it looks great, you (me) are a genius.

And we're calling this one D.O.N.E.

It's now on Mom's outside table and looks lovely.

In the meantime, I grabbed off my design wall a little block made of other Bonnie leftovers and finished it too.  This cute little mug rug is also outside on the patio.

My happy place did get a bit of a tiding up and 2 little projects emerged.  It was a great "catch up" day!

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Charlene S said...

You keep typing that b/c it is your happy place! Those are great finishes.