Thursday, August 10, 2017

School Starts Today

Today ... hurray ... Brevard County Public Schools are back in session.  The "before school prep" is a lot of work. As a school volunteer, and more importantly the mother of a 2nd grade teacher ... I just spent a lot of days "prepping" for 2nd grade.

Kid#2 had 16 kids and 19 brand new chair pockets. (at least as cute as the ones I made for the new 1st grade teacher). Then Kid#2 had 18 kids, then 17 by the end of day, yesterday, she had 20. First thing this morning ... I made 3 more chair pockets.  I'm so good!

The only sewing I've done that hasn't been chair pockets (I've now made 39) - a few blocks for a quilt that will be gifted in September (plenty of time!)

This is 4 small blocks stitched together.  I have to make 2 more small blocks and then stitch them into 5 more big blocks.  This is a Debby Brown "Cutie" quilt called Going My Way. Her quilt measures about 60"x60" but my recipient is already 6' tall (and he's only 14).  I'm making mine longer!

Hopefully, I'm backing in the sewing room today.

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