Friday, August 11, 2017


Today I had a play date ... with myself, a whole afternoon in my sewing room just to hang out and do whatever.  I finished a quilt top (pictures later). It's a Cutie pattern called "Going My Way".  MY way was to make it bigger.

Then I made some quilt backs.  I was forget just how much time it can take to measure, cut, sew, measure, cut sew and then hope.

This is the back for a charity quilt.  I have a lot of kitty fabric and now I have a teeny bit less.

This is the quilt front, well ... it's part of the front.  I will take a better picture after it's quilted.  I did not make this top.  It was donated to my MD guild.  It finally emerged from the depths of the scary closet.

Here's the 2nd back.

This one is the back for a Grandie ... the "Going My Way" quilt.  I'm really excited how this one is going.  I hope it have both of these quilted by early next week.

Yesterday, on our evening walk, My Cute Husband and I met a new neighbor.

I'm really enjoying the birds of Florida.

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