Saturday, July 15, 2017

Quick Check In

Good morning friends!

Life around here is busy busy ... as always! 

Kid#2 and I are still working on getting 2nd grade a bit more organized.  Math Centers are done (I think), Reading is well on it's way. Next up - Writing Center. She goes back to school August 1st.

My Cute Husband has finished up at Home Depot.  It was an "ok" retirement job but he got a much better offer.  Now he's working from home, about 20 hours a week, tele-commuting for a company based in MD. He can work in shorts AND fix Mom's lunch if I'm otherwise occupied!!

I've been making progress and various projects. Almost ready to quilt my Bonnie Hunter Mystery (I'm sure it has a name ????). The 2nd felted bag needs about an inch more before it's into the washing machine for felting.  TGIF blocks = 4 of 24 done.

Still need to work on my Helen Godden painted blocks for July and I really need to get cracking on my Flower Garden blocks and border.

BUT ... in the meantime ...

This morning, I decided to visit some old friends.

I opened up this bin and discovered ANOTHER box full of scraps and strips.  I really thought this bin held samples and parts for Fan Quilts. Not entirely a bad thing to find.  I'm taking a class next week at Seaside Piecemakers.  Gyleen Fitzgerald is coming to teach 2 days.  Day 1, I'm "working" and Day 2, I'm sewing.

Here's the start of prepping lots of 1.5" strips.

Not gonna lie ... I will never be organized enough to do the whole Bonnie Hunter scrap storage thing.

EDIT ... just realized I did not hit the publish button.  This should have gone out 2 days ago.  I have actually finished knitting the felted bag and it's in the washing machine right now.

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