Sunday, May 7, 2017

Helen Godden

Helen is an Australian quilt ARTIST ... she paints and quilts and her work is wonderful! I took a class from Helen last year at HandiQuilter Academy and was overjoyed by what I learned.  I had an idea about this style but wasn't sure if I could execute it.  A year later - finally trying for myself.

And ... I'm having a ball doing it! Helen has provided some really fun designs for her BOM.  I'm 1/2-way to caught up.

Then I decided to take a little detour into her book of designs.  I altered this one a bit.  It might become a bag front for someone for Christmas.

The quilting is done without backing fabric (on Franken-batting). Then it's sandwiched and a little more quilting is done (or not!).  I did this sitting down, stitching on my sewing machine and I did not die.

And ... as if that wasn't enough fun, yesterday I drew up my own design and turned it into a zip bag for my oldest granddaughter. 

Today ... I need to put away my Helen Goddess (insert smiley face) toys and get caught up on my Pat Sloan Solstice blocks.