Friday, April 14, 2017

Plodding Along

There hasn't been a ton of sewing going on around here.  I've been knitting a sweater and binge watching Gilmore Girls.  The sweater is almost done ... just a few rounds of edging and 1 more season of Gilmore Girls.

It will look like a sweater ... someday.

I'm current on my Pat Sloan Solstice Quilt.  We're up to Block #17 out of 25 and I've started putting sections together.

 Lots of parts

I'm really liking how this is turning out.

And ... in between Solstice parts, I've been making Stringed 1/2-square triangle blocks.  This is 24 out of 60.

ok ... sew ... a little sewing has been happening.

1 comment:

Loretto said...

Love the block of the month your colors are fabulous.