Sunday, April 9, 2017

New Stuff

First ... new neighbors

Can you see him?  He was actually knocking on our front door this morning.  He was NOT invited in for coffee.

I explained, very politely ... there is NO room at this inn.

He took his little family next door, and then down the street.

It does crack me up - we live in a very residential area, off of a couple of fairly busy streets, but these guys often walk around in our neighborhood.

In other news ... this is what 150 string blocks looks like ...

I've been really trying to resist starting a new quilt.  I did succumb this morning to temptation.  I knew I only had a few minutes to sew and I couldn't wait any longer.

I'm going to make 120 blocks and then play around with a design.

I am current on my "10 string blocks a week", and this will require 60.  I plan to keep making 10 a week. The string bin is no longer overflowing.  It's simply full now!

That's what's new around here.


Loretto said...

Glad you are getting "neighbors" also glad they weren't invited in for coffee!!!. Your quilts are beautiful as ever. Keep producing you work is inspiring to others.

rubyslipperz said...

Oh!! those string blocks look so fun! Do you limit the size of strips you use?
I need to set SOME kind of scrappy-fabric quilt goals. This could be a great goal to set =) Thanks for the inspiration! =)