Tuesday, April 25, 2017

I Did It!

Deep breath ... and go for it!  I completed a little painted quilt. AND ... I quilted it, sitting down, on my sewing machine! AND ... I really like how it turned out. 

Drum roll ....

Meet - They Call Me Elvis

Sorry he's sideways.  This is a Helen Godden design, a line drawing from: Quilt-A-Doddle-Do.  I am now officially ready to start the BOM that's been sitting here for several months awaiting my courage to show up.

In the meantime ... I finished a pair of socks.  Into the Christmas gift bin they go.

And, yesterday, I spent the entire day working on Math Center games for 2nd grade.  I had forgotten how much I enjoy making self-directed learning games for children.  It's been a LONG time. It's so much easier now with the internet and art making tools ... did you read the part about a "LONG" time ago.


Loretto said...

I love your quilting you did such a great job. Pat yourself on the back and keep going.

MK Kerr said...

I agree with Loretto. Elvis looks great. Good job, Mary!