Friday, March 17, 2017

Yes and No

Am I caught up on sewing/quilting projects? Will I ever be caught up on sewing/quilting projects?  Simple answer ... No and No. Who knew retirement would be so busy ... and not sew busy!

1. Weekly string blocks ... YES (sort of), The calendar says we are in Week #11 and I have 10 stacks of string blocks made. I have until tomorrow to make #11.  Yes, as of right now, I am current.

These are not hard and doing 10 a week has been manageable ... when I can manage to sit down and sew them.

I piece them on phone book paper and then square them up to 7". Someday, I hope to use them as 1/2-Square triangle blocks and maybe even make a quilt.  I know, right? A QUILT!

2.  Pat Sloan's Summer Solstice BOM (it's actually a BOW ... block of the week). YES, current!

3.  Helen Godden's Quirkers BOM ... nope. I've printed out 4 block designs and so far ... made none. This started on February 1st. I'm not too far behind - yet.

4. Flower Garden applique. Block 1 is done. I have to make 2 per month and 1/3 of a border. I still have 2 weeks.

Today, I have a list and every intention of getting somethings checked off
1. hem Rick's pants - neighbor guy
2. Dumpling dish x 2 - birthday gift
3. Week 11 string blocks
4. Block 2 of the Flower Garden quilt
5. probably other stuff

And then ... I heard from Kid #2. She's all finished with report cards, no school today and wants a lunch date.  That list will still be there next week.

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