Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Little Things

For a couple of reasons, when loading my Old Moda #2, I had to remove my Leader Grip rods and go "old school" ... pin the backing to the fabric leaders.  Not a huge big deal, especially for a smallish quilt. Not something I've done in a very long time.

And it's quilted!

 It's not my completed January UFO as it does still need binding. And, by that, I mean I have to make binding as well as attach binding. But there's still plenty of time for this.

Sew ...

Several years ago, I hemmed a pair of jeans for my youngest grandie-girl. She stood right at my elbow watching me measure and prep ... and rearranging the pins in my pincushion.  She discovered ONE yellow butterfly pin and was so excited ... "Gramma, could we please use this pin!" I have no idea where this pin came from as I had exactly ONE. Something came to me pinned from a quilter (who else would have yellow butterfly pins), swap blocks? a customer quilt? retreat project?

Keilie was so happy the I pinned her hem with a butterfly pin and she knew it wasn't staying in her pants. She personally returned to the pincushion and we never talked about it again. But ... every time I grabbed a pin out of my pin cushion, if it happened to be the butterfly pin, it would make me smile.

I have not thought about nor seen the butterfly pin since we moved to Florida 8 months ago. Until yesterday. When I needed to pin a quilt top to the leaders on my HandiQuilter.

And there it was! Somehow it had transferred from my sewing pincushion to my quilting pin bowl. That little yellow butterfly pin.

And it made me smile.

It is now back in the sewing room, in the pincushion, where I will grab it someday and it will make me smile.

Old Moda #2 is quilted and Grandie-girl #2 brought me a smile.

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WoolenSails said...

That came out beautifully and love the quilting.
I need to clean out my room and start practicing my quilting.