Thursday, January 5, 2017

One Hot Mess

The sewing room is not a hot mess - really. It actually looks pretty tidy. The quilting/fabric storage room - also pretty decent.  What is a hot mess ... my organizational skills ... or lack there of.

Today I participated in a "group buy" for zippers.  This will make them VERY cheap (cost not quality). The web site is You have to join the Facebook group and, well, the are several hoops to jump through but during my morning coffee ... it was worth it. However - it will take 6 to 8 weeks for me to receive my 83 zippers AND my bag of extra zipper pulls. Internet shopping!!

I ordered these because I'm finally going to make the Bionic Bag! Now, I have to find my pattern.  In looking for the pattern, I finally emptied out my BROKEN 3-ringed binder.  It's been broken for at least 5 years (no kidding). I bought a new one while on an unsuccessful trip to Walmart last month. On a side note ... The Bionic Bag pattern was not in the binder.

I did find the pattern ... but the zippers won't be here 2 months! If I don't lose the pattern, I'll be ready.

Sew ... I cut down a practice Bargello and added a binding today!

I really needed another placemat.  I have 4 Bargello placemats. We are usually 3 for dinner.  Once a week we might be 5. So far - I don't think we've ever been 4 (since moving to FL). Now I have 5 coordinated placemats ... because that is SEW important.

Then I made Block #3 for the Pat Sloan Solstice Challenge.  I'm current!

AND ...
I love my morning coffee!

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Densie said...

I made a Bionic Gear Bag and used zippers from the LQS, but now I want to make the Mother Lode Bag so I ordered zippers from I love my Bionic Gear Bag!