Monday, December 12, 2016

Another Manic Monday

Next Monday, I'm in charge of the 2nd grade Christmas craft. This Monday (today), I thought I had better try it out.

Kid#2 (the 2nd grade teacher) has a bit of a nail polish fetish. I had the brilliant idea of making marbled nail polish ornaments. I watched 9 different You tube videos ... every one of them said, "easy!" And every one of the videos also showed "failure". To be fair, they also showed success AFTER some practice.

So, I gathered up my supplies.

And I practiced. And it did get better after a few tries.

In fact, by the 5th one, I was kinda digging it. On the tree with ribbons and lights, they might look pretty good.

HOWEVER ... Remember the part about 2nd graders??!!! 17 kids can't make 5 ornaments each before getting the hang of it.  

New plan ... acrylic paint on the INSIDE.  I watched a video about this too.

Gathered new supplies.  I have a ton of acrylic paint from making painted canvas bags.

Much better, much easier. And the clean up does not require chemicals.

I think we have a winner for the Christmas craft.

I could only do 2 practice ones as I need 20 ornaments for the class. Back to Michael's for some silver and gold paint and ribbon. This 2nd grade classroom gramma thing is harder than you might think.

Bed, bathrooms and laundry ... await.

Pinterest? Sort of like the really pretty cheerleader-type in high school.  We mere morals can never measure up.

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Loretto said...

You are such a good "2nd grade Grandma" I may share this with Amy who does girl scouts. Looks easy enough.