Saturday, November 26, 2016

NOW We Can Start

I am one of those really weird people who thinks "The Hoidays" start with Labor Day. And ... I'm ok with that! I love the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas best when I can enjoy it and not be stressed about "getting ready".  

So ... with a nod to normal good neighborly consideration, we waited until the day after Thanksgiving to start our Christmas decorating.

Most of our MD stuff is usable in FL ... even Frosty!  We did give away our lighted nets - we don't have the right bushes at this house.  Steve stills wants to do roof lights but of course that will require a Home Depot trip.  Bonus ... we live in a single story house now.  No more climbing up on a high roof.

Today we are heading to the Cocoa Beach Art Festival. It's 78 degrees today, perfect for an outdoor event at the beach. Great way to finish off the weekend.

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