Wednesday, October 26, 2016

It Just Sort-a Happened

A beautiful breezy day in Central Florida and the only thing on my list was ... sewing! I thought I might do another Bargello Exploration.  I even looked through 2 books for inspiration. When I went to retrieve a jelly roll, I spied this on the shelf ...

These are some old Moda fabrics. Leftovers from what? No idea. There were some strips, chunks, a little yardage and it really needed to not be on my shelf any more.  So I started cutting them into 4.5" squares - that was dictated by the size of some strips.

I also made myself follow a new rule ... no more "saving" fabric for the perfect project.  Every project is
perfect. That lovely cheddar has aged long enough.

I did a little Pinterest peeking and decided on ... something with 4-patches.  The cheddar said - Snowball blocks. I cut 2.25" squares.  Thankfully, working with squares makes weird math easy.

I had a delightful afternoon of stitching. No - the grass is not cut into concentric circles.  I think it's a weird illusion of the sun and the screen.

Yes, there are a few bowl cozies still to complete. No Christmas sewing happened today. No retreat
prep happened today. No class samples happened today.

Today, I started a new project - just because. 

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