Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Sewing Mojo

I was feeling sort of blah about my sewing.  Nicholas Backstrom fell off the shelf.

No worries ... We happen to have 2.

That's a weird start to this post but it made me realize - I'm done unpacking! We still don't have livingroom furniture or curtains but we will before the summer is over (and it did just start yesterday). 

Handiquilter Academy was sew-inspiring. I've been home for a week, brought Kid#1 back with me for a visit and I've been sewing (and loving it!)

In a week, I've managed to complete through Month 7 on a new BOM being offered through Spring Water Designs.  Well ... it will be offered, sometime, not sure when.  I'm making the sample and Dawn is ordering fabric and Ashley, Letitia and Carrie will be cutting kits. Stay tuned!

The quilt is pretty.  All quilts are awesome and this one will be too but it's also a pretty quilt and I'm excited to be back in the sewing room. (And really glad to be unpacked - not organized yet, but unpacked.)

Sneak peak ...

Today is a Beach Day with Kid#2! Snacks are packed, chair (with awning) is in the car and I now own 2 bathing suits ... apparently there's a rule about owning multiple bathing suits when one lives 15 minutes from the beach. 

Beach in the morning, sewing in the afternoon ... I live a charmed life.

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