Sunday, June 5, 2016

More Binding

The last thing I did in my sewing room before leaving MD was to quilt 2 tops.

Friendship Rings - DONE.  Ignore the blue tape on the floor, I was measuring for new furniture.

And Birch Trees.  The arbor did come to FL with us.

It was time to bind.  I really wanted to do a scrappy binding. I have a bin of leftover binding, all prepped and ready and hidden somewhere in my house.  I looked and looked and looked.  There was only one place left to look.

The scary closet

I was never going to show this with the doors open ... but ...

There's the binding bin.  Naturally, it's the one in the bottom.  And I really wanted a scrappy binding. So - unpack the closet and dig out out 375" of assorted green binding.

Here's my view while stitching. I do have a few pincushions.

Hurray for D.O.N.E!


Shelley: the Dread Pirate Rodgers said...

"the scarey closet" ... oh bwahahahaaaa! That literally had me LOL!

I can relate to that, as I operate under the Organized Piles of Chaos Theory. But ... every so often, even *I* can't ignore the visual clutter of those piles, so I reorganize the contents of the piles into UFO projects or fabric that goes into the General Population, etc. Then it takes a while for me to remember where I PUT the stuff that had been formerly in piles. Sigh.

As for binding, I have a small tower of translucent drawers. One of the drawers contains all my leftover bias binding. I roll them up (around my fingers) to create "flat" rolls, which store nicely in the drawers. I could wrap them around the leftover cardboard inserts that ribbon, rick-rack, etc come on, but I discovered that my flat rolls work better for me. I love to use up that leftover binding on my donation quilts, which tend to be scrappy anyway.

Pat said...

I've been living with scary closets for a year and half ... ever since I moved last year. I was wondering about that tape; it looked like you might be figuring out a basketball court. :D

Loretto said...

Looks like you are getting everything set up and running, glad to hear it, but we sure do miss you here.

Cappy said...

Hey lady! The quilts look great! So glad you got your HQ set up! Have fun at your academy! I'm jealous! grin