Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Hello From Sunny FLORIDA

We've had 10 sleeps in our new home (me and Mom). My Cute Husband had to return to MD to finish working. Retirement date - July 31!!!!

My life has been all about cardboard ... lots and lots of cardboard. The kitchen is all unpacked and mostly put away. The refrigerator is still pretty empty. Progress in the bedrooms has been made. 

Most importantly- I have started the sewing room. Or, as we will fondly refer to it - "The Sewing Suite".

Room 1
Rocky has managed to find a little safe place in there. It will eventually have my HandiQuilter set up in there and maybe fabric storage. 

Room 2

Everything else will go in this sunny room. It's a bit of a game - move a shelf unit to get to a box. Unpack the box but need the shelves.  Move the shelf unit (again) but where are the shelf pegs? Go to Home Depot for shelf pegs.  Repeat and Repeat. 

Today I'm taking a break from cardboard and going to buy living room furniture. 


Pat said...

Good to see a post from you. I was at Spring Water today and asked if they had heard from you. I went through this just over a year ago so you have my sympathy.

Joyce said...

I helped my daughter move last year. It took us several weeks to get things put away. There were days I just had to sit down and look at all the progress we had made or I wouldn't have been able to finish.

Kathleen said...

A sewing "suite" - I'm VERY impressed!