Wednesday, March 23, 2016

DONE Done done

My system for "done-ness" ...

For knitting that means - stitched, ends woven in and blocked.  And this pretty shawl is - DONE!

I love the lace pattern.

For quilting that means - top completed and quilted.  It still needs binding.  This is Leslie's quilt, so technically, for me, it's a DONE, but it really isn't quite yet.

Yes, there were 2 similar quilts (different backing).  They are now both "Done" and going home tonight.

The quilting really shows up on the back.

For quilting (and me) this means that the top is completed.

I really need the validation that 3 levels of done-ness gives me.

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Charlene S said...

Your idea of 3 level of 'done-ness' would work perfectly for me. I piece tops but they aren't 'done' b/c they have to be quilted by DD#1 and then bound by me. Sometimes the need for 'done-ness' gets me down b/c so many of my tops are waiting to be quilted.