Friday, February 19, 2016


I kinda of lost my blogging mojo in February. I also lost my car in the parking garage while on jury duty. A kind attendant helped me - I was in the wrong building.  And the defendant - guilty, as charged on 16 counts of tax fraud.  Glad that's over!

And I burned my English muffin.

Lost and even better - FOUND, my Nearly Insane blocks. These babies finish at 6". Although I'm glad I found them, I am not revisiting this project ... yet.

I made an awesome pineapple upside down cake ... traditional recipe but made in a bundt pan.

An all around, slow, dreary month - typical February in Maryland.

I am making a tuffet.  That word - TUFFET - it makes me laugh.
4 out of 8 wedges are done.

I have been doing some other sewing - progress on old projects and some teaching.  And some stitching and a lot of binge watching -Nurse Jackie - on Netflix.  I have a bad cold.

There's still another week left of sluggish February behavior ... I'm not rushing it.

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