Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Tiny 9's

Finally - D.O.N.E.!!!

This was not a UFO but it still took 3 years to make.

Each of those 9-patches finishes at 1.5". ONE AND A HALF INCHES!  Those are little suckers.  My BEE friends and I swapped every other month for 3 years. Some months I made extras.  After all that time and sewing and swapping - my quilt ended up 65" x 76". 

No border just binding.  Out came the binding bin ...

This is all left over bits of binding.  And yes, there are a couple of really long ones - not exactly "leftover". I have on occasion cut binding twice for the same quilt.  

I pulled out different black bindings and gave my Tiny9's a scrappy finish.

Quilting - all-over meander.  The quilting is not the star of the show. I used the GLIDE foot on my Handiquilter - it's wonderful!  There was one seam that let go and the foot did NOT slide under.  It also does not "push" the fabric when encountering bulky seams.  

When I was done, this was what was left ...

This is the crew that made all those little bitty blocks. 

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Pat said...

I'm pretty sure you are all crazy. :D