Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snow Day #3

This is not "update #3" (well, technically it is). It is the THIRD snow day for us!  There's been some couch hanging and coffee drinking, tv watching, sewing and knitting.  The only thing that hasn't been great - the knitting.

By The Seashore is D.O.N.E. And I love it!

It really does feel summery and beachy ... It will look great in our new home in sunny Florida.  It started as a jelly roll and some white yardage.  The strips that didn't get used in the blocks, went into the backing. I used them all!

I even used the cut-off triangles - leader/ender style sewing while making the blocks.

Rocky loves it too.

The knitting?  I'm working on a Mystery KAL (knit-along). I have ripped out exactly the same number of rows that I completed.  Knit 30, rip 30, knit 30, rip 30 ... Tonight I will try again.  It's really not hard - if I would follow the pattern and use the correct size needles.

Let's not talk about knitting.  Let's talk about sunny days and pretty quilts.

Hurray for snow days!

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