Monday, January 25, 2016


Yes, me - I am a genius. 

I save triangles ... lots and lots of triangles, of all sizes.  I've been sewing them together "leader/ender style" for years. Which means - I have lots and lots of 1/2-square triangles.

When I have 4 that match (or at least look good together - I make pinwheel blocks.

I know - it does seem weird.

But ... Look at these little beauties.

These have a purpose - finally!  I pulled out a bunch of 1/2-squares that will finish at 1" (I know - teeny).

They are prefect for the sashing of my Buttermilk Basin 2015 BOM.

This is going to be the cutest little quilt.  I need something like 200 little 1" 1/2-square triangles, and I just happen to have them already made and waiting.


Someday, I might need 2" 1/2-squares or 1.5" 1/2-squares or 2" pinwheels or 3" pinwheels or .....

I will be ready!

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