Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Weekend!

A totally unplanned-nothing-HAS-to-be-done weekend!  Not sure we know what to do ... nowhere we have to go, no one expected to come over, no projects that need immediate attention.  Maybe a movie?  Maybe not.  Oh ... The possibilities.

In the meantime ...
I have this quilt - ok, you know this story - Dawn, Starlyn and I did some block swapping several years ago.  Mine sat and sat and sat.  Then I put the center together and it sat some more. Last year it actually got borders. 


Yesterday, I loaded that quilt up on the Handiquilter!  It just might get a little HQ Magic this weekend.  At the very least - it will get quilted this week.

I also did some piecing yesterday.  A shop sample that I've had for several weeks (a month?). The top is done!  I need to make a backing.  It might get quilted this week too ... I'm a roll!

My Cute Husband made a shop delivery for me yesterday (it was a BUSY day).  This is Starlyn's top, that I quilted.  It's a kit available at Spring Water Designs.

And ..l I started a new sweater. The color of this yarn is so pretty!

Lots I CAN do this weekend. It's a great feeling that I currently, right this minute, have no deadlines.

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