Sunday, August 9, 2015

End of the Weekend

The "unplanned-nothing-HAS-to-be-done " weekend has come to an end.  Of course, things did get done ...

My Cute Husband, Mom and I went to the movies - Ricki and the Flash.  I love Merle Streep.  It was a fun movie, a chick flick.  Good way to spend the afternoon.  I do love movie theater popcorn!

I finished quilting my swap quilt and binding made. I hope it doesn't take another year to sew it on.

The backing was pieced, binding made and this one is now loaded up and ready for some HQ magic.

A new project was started.  Once I get this made, I will be writing up the directions for it.

some sweater knitting and laundry also got some attention.

A fabulous unplanned-nothing-HAS-to-get-done weekend!

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