Monday, January 26, 2015


This is worth repeating ... I get an immense amount of pleasure from a SNOW DAY! This is a bit odd, considering the fact that most days, I work at home.  Technically a SNOW DAY isn't really any different than any other day.  But ... there's just something special about a SNOW DAY!

I might even be moved to do a second blog post later, just to share how I spent my joyful SNOW DAY!

For now ... this is what I've been up to ...

Finished a pair of socks! The yarn is called "sea turtles". Hand dyed and purchased from a yarn shop on the Outer Banks, during our family vacation/wedding last summer.

That's 1 of 6 pairs I have set for my goal in 2015.

A couple of very springy OP quilts

And a new wool/cotton wall hanging.  "A Soft Day" from the book Enchanted Garden.

There are kits for this at Spring Water Designs (mail order too!). I was supposed to deliver this sample today ... but ... It's a SNOW DAY!

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Pat said...

Sea Turtle is a very appropriate name for that yarn. :D