Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Just Checking In

Some days I have so much to do and feel overwhelmed and end up sitting and reading or knitting.  Both of those things are accomplishments but not necessarily checking stuff off "the LIST". Some days I have so much to do that I can't wait to dive in and "get 're done!"

Today is sort of in between.  We were supposed to have snow ... which is GREAT for sitting and knitting.  But so far ... No snow and I moved on to "the LIST."

I finished up a customer quilt.  It is such a happy color - feels like spring!

I did a little bit on my on going BOM - Enchanted Garden.  I'm loving it!

AND ... I added to my Cowboy Rope ... teaching this at my Guild Retreat next month.

Ok - really, none of these were on "the LIST" for today (or yesterday) but it's only 10:30 - I have all day to get distracted and play and maybe check something off ... I might mop the floors ... or not.

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Pat said...

And now it has started snowing. Actually, just a little while ago but right on schedule with the lastest forecast this morning. :D